Current thesis topic proposals of The Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest
Current thesis topic proposals of The Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest

thesis supervisor

research topic

deadline for application

location of studies (in Hungarian)
Ágnes BukaDynamics of topological defects in soft matter2017-05-31Wigne
Zoltán NémethLocal and remote interactions in photoswitchable transition metal compounds2017-05-31Wigne
Péter Domokos
András Vukics
Quantum Light-Matter Interface2017-05-31WAL
Péter ÁbrahámStudying the initial conditions for planet formation using infrared interferometry2017-05-31MTA
Péter ÁbrahámStar formation studies based on the new results of ESA's Gaia mission2017-05-31MTA
Péter ÁbrahámObservation and modeling of young debris disks2017-05-31MTA
Réka AszalósEffect of alternative silvicultural methods on the structure and biodiversity of deciduous forests2017-05-31MTA
Imre BakonyiPreparation of nanowires and study of their magnetic and transport properties2017-05-31MTA
István BányászDesign, fabrication and characterization of integrated optical elements and circuits for telecommunication and optical biosensors using ion beam techniques2017-05-31MTA
László BencsDevelopment and study of an atmospheric glow discharge for the trapping and quantitation of the metal content of ambient aerosols2017-05-31MTA
László BencsStudy on high resolution atomic absorption spectrometric methods for the direct solid sampling analysis of environmental and advanced nano-materials2017-05-31MTA
Attila BótaStructural study of diluted biological macromolecules2017-05-31MTA
Balázs Csanád CsájiStatistical machine learning2017-05-31MTA
Péter CsontosWeed ecology with special attention to soil seed banks2017-05-31MTA
Attila DemeterEffect of the solvent properties on the photochemical and photophysical processes.2017-05-31MTA
Miklós DombosDynamics of Omnivory and its Rule in Soil2017-05-31MTA
Ágnes EnyediRole of calcium signaling in cancer cell migration.2017-05-31MTA
György FerenczyComputational Chemistry in Drug Discovery2017-05-31MTA
Ádám GaliPoint defects, diamond, semiconductors, density functional theory, optically detected magnetic resonance2017-05-31MTA
László HéjaIdentification of new drug targets by revealing glia-neuron communication pathways2017-05-31MTA
Kata HorvátiPeptide-based conjugates against tuberculosis2017-05-31MTA
Kata HorvátiSynthesis and biological evaluation of peptide-based vaccine candidates2017-05-31MTA
Péter KeleDesign and synthesis of upconverting nanomaterials enabling targeted, NIR light induced drug release2017-05-31MTA
Zsolt KisAtom-photon interaction nearby plasmonic waveguides2017-05-31MTA
Ágnes KóspálCircumstellar structure and variable accretion in young stars2017-05-31MTA
Viktória Kovácsné Kis
Tibor Németh
Transmission electron microscopy of mineral nanoparticles in the environment2017-05-31MTA
Csilla LaczkaOrganic Anion Transporting Polypeptides as new pharmacological targets2017-05-31MTA
Balázs Gergely MadasMathematical modelling of low dose hypersensitivity and induced radioresistance2017-05-31MTA
Zsuzsa Novákné CzégényThermal decomposition of lignocellulosic biomass materials2017-05-31MTA
Géza ÓdorInvestigation of disorder effects in network models2017-05-31MTA
Tamás OrbánDomestication of eukaryotic DNA transposons2017-05-31MTA
Imre PápaiDesign of Organocatalysts2017-05-31MTA
Attila ReményiCell signalling: structure, function and drug design2017-05-31MTA
Attila ReményiSystems biology of protein kinase mediated gene expression regulation2017-05-31MTA
György Szabó
Imre Derényi
Evolutionary ordinal potential games2017-05-31MTA
Imola Csilla SzigyártóExtracellular vesicles: isolation, characterization and applicability as theranostics2017-05-31MTA
Katalin TörökThe use of agricultural and conservation practices in the restoration of native plant communities and native seed propagation2017-05-31MTA
István TóthPathogenomic, evolutionary and diagnostic significance of bacteriophages2017-05-31MTA
Zoltán VargaNanoparticles for medical biology2017-05-31MTA
Dezső VargaGaseous tracking detectors for Muography Instrumentation2017-05-31MTA
Zoltán VargaDetection, isolation and characterization of extracellular vesicles2017-05-31MTA
Dezső VargaMicro-Pattern Gaseous Detectors for CERN experiments2017-05-31MTA
Lajos Károly VargaHigh entropy alloy foam for high temperature thermopower generator2017-05-31MTA
András VukicsC++QED – a framework for simulating open quantum dynamics2017-05-31MTA
András VukicsThe multipolar gauge of quantum electrodynamics in the ultra-strong light–matter coupling regime2017-05-31MTA
Sándor LakiNovel methods and models for data-centric applications2017-05-31IK
Péter LigetiSecret sharing schemes and its applications2017-05-31IK
Péter LigetiSecure protocols in distributed and mobile environment2017-05-31IK
Péter CsermelyStructure and dynamics of biological networks2017-05-31SE
László NégyessyNeural basis of tactile object perception in the SI somatosensory cortex2017-05-31SE
Péter KalóGenetic analysis of the symbiotic nitrogen fixation using the M. truncatula-Sinorhizobium model system2017-05-31NARIC
Gáspár AlbertGIS based morphotectonical modeling2017-05-31ELTE
Eszter AriInvestigating antimicrobial resistance genes with bioinformatic approaches2017-05-31ELTE
Zoltán Bajnok
László Palla
On solving the maximally supersymmetric gauge theory2017-05-31ELTE
Judit Bartholy
Rita Pongrácz
Impact of Climate Change and Land Use On Water Balance at Brantas Watershed East Java Indonesia2017-05-31ELTE
Judit Bartholy
Rita Pongrácz
Impact of Climate Change and Land Use On Water Balance at Brantas Watershed East Java Indonesia2017-05-31ELTE
András id. BenczúrNovel Big Data solutions for data-centric applications2017-05-31ELTE
Márton BerkiNew approaches to cultural geography in Central and Eastern Europe2017-05-31ELTE
Miklós BíróAnalysis and innovative application of emerging technologies for the partial automation of software process assessment and improvement2017-05-31ELTE
Zoltán BuczolichGeometric and dynamical aspects of measure and real function theory2017-05-31ELTE
István CsabaiMachine learning in astronomy2017-05-31ELTE
István CsabaiExpansion of an inhomogeneous Universe2017-05-31ELTE
Máté CsanádQuantum statistical correlations in high energy heavy ion physics2017-05-31ELTE
Attila CsászárSmall molecules as complex systems2017-05-31ELTE
Attila CsászárQuantum molecular dynamics2017-05-31ELTE
Attila CsászárThe fourth age of quantum chemistry: molecules in motion2017-05-31ELTE
Attila CsászárExotic chemical phenomena: tunneling and resonances2017-05-31ELTE
Balázs CsikósHarmonic manifolds2017-05-31ELTE
Balázs CsikósHarmonic manifolds2017-05-31ELTE
Erzsébet Csuhaj VarjúDistributed and bio-inspired computational models of natural language2017-05-31ELTE
Erzsébet Csuhaj VarjúComplexity of classical and unconventional computing devices2017-05-31ELTE
Erzsébet Csuhaj VarjúInvestigations in membrane computing2017-05-31ELTE
Ágnes DarvasPoverty and exclusion2017-05-31ELTE
Árpád DobolyiNeurobiology of parental behavior in rodents2017-05-31ELTE
László DobosFederating Distributed Scientific Databases2017-05-31ELTE
Zsuzsanna EkeMigration of additives from plastics2017-05-31ELTE
Róbert ErdélyiMagnetodydrodynamic waves in the solar atmosphere2017-05-31ELTE
Róbert ErdélyiModelling (macro)spicules and their effect on solar atmospheric dynamics2017-05-31ELTE
Róbert ErdélyiDeveloping state-of-the-art Space Weather forecast tools2017-05-31ELTE
Alice FialowskiOn Jacobi-Jordan algebras2017-05-31ELTE
Alice FialowskiLeibniz algebras2017-05-31ELTE
Alice FialowskiElectrical Lie algebras2017-05-31ELTE
Alice FialowskiFiliform Lie algebras and their cohomology2017-05-31ELTE
Ferenc FodorEffect of nanoparticles on plant productivity and metabolism2017-05-31ELTE
András FrankUnweighted Graph Optimization2017-05-31ELTE
Ágnes GörögBiostratigraphy, palaeoenvironmental and palaeobiogeographical interpretations on the basis of microfossils2017-05-31ELTE
István GromaHigh resolution electron backscatter diffraction2017-05-31ELTE
Gergő GyulaiFunctional polymer nanogels2017-05-31ELTE
Ferenc GyurisNew approaches to spatial disparity research2017-05-31ELTE
Tamás Hajdu
Ildikó Pap
Reconstruction of the lifestyle of the past population lived from the Neolithic to Bronze Age in he Polgár microregion2017-05-31ELTE
Henrik HargitaiPlanetary mapping: morphologic characterization and survey of distribution of terrain types on Mars2017-05-31ELTE
Kinga HipsSedimentary and diagenetic evaluation of carbonates2017-05-31ELTE
Zoltán HomonnayMössbauer study of iron chelates in frozen aqueous solutions2017-05-31ELTE
Zoltán HorváthTrustworthy Distributed Software Design2017-05-31ELTE
Ákos HorváthInvestigation of enhanced natural radioactivity in hydrogeological systems2017-05-31ELTE
Ferenc IzsákFractional diffusion with Neumann type boundary conditions2017-05-31ELTE
Éva IzsákThe natural and social factors of the transformation of urban spaces2017-05-31ELTE
Imre JánosiClimatological analysis of environmental data banks2017-05-31ELTE
Tibor JordánCombinatorial rigidity2017-05-31ELTE
Gábor (ELTE ASFT) Juhász"Regulation of autophagy and endocytosis"2017-05-31ELTE

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