Current thesis topic proposals of The Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Current thesis topic proposals of The Budapest University of Technology and Economics

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Gyula TóthGravity field modeling in Hungary using space gravity gradiometry2017-05-31AF
Ferenc MészárosSetting conditions of mobility based pricing in road transportation2017-05-31KUKG
Ferenc MészárosIdentifying complex criteria for access control of urban transport in environmental point of view2017-09-30KUKG
Tamás LovasTerrestrial laser scanning in engieering survey2017-05-31BMEFT
Péter GörögEngineering geological assessment of underground cellar systems with numerical methods2017-05-31BMEGM
Péter AntalSystems-based methods for analyzing large health data sets2017-06-26MIT
Tamás TettamantiShifting from classical towards autonomous transportation system – modeling and control issues of road traffic networks2017-05-31KJIT
Mihály RacsmányTwo types of impairment of attentional control system in schizophrenia: The investigation of the over controlled vs. under controlled subtypes hypothesis2017-05-31MTA
Mihály RacsmányPositive and adverse memory effects of retrieval: from inhibition to long-term facilitation2017-05-31MTA
Zoltán VidnyánszkyNeural mechanisms of attention and working memory2017-05-31MTA
Béla WeissNeural basis of active vision2017-05-31MTA
István WinklerAuditory Scene Analysis and Memory2017-05-31MTA
András Dán
István Varjasi
Research Proposal2017-06-26VET
László SzámelControl of switched reluctance motor (SRM) for electric vehicle2017-06-26VET
György KárolyiDiscrete mechanical modeling of filamentary networks2017-05-31BMETM
Gergely KristófImprovement of urban air quality by increasing the dilution efficiency2017-10-19ÁT
Tamás SzirányiSensor fusion and evaluation in networked sensor systems (for autonomous driving)2017-10-12ALRT
Tamás SzirányiVision systems of autonomous vehicles: Event and scene analysis and recognition2017-10-12ALRT
Tamás Szirányi3D semantic models in the 3D camera/Lidar image synthesis for autonomous driving and scene understanding systems2017-10-12ALRT
Gyula GrófHeat transfer intensifying techniques2017-10-19EGR
Pál SzentannaiChallenging renewable solid fuels and fuel mixes for Fluidized Bed Conversion2017-10-19EGR
Krisztián SztankóUtilization of renewable liquid fuels in steady operating burners2017-10-19EGR
István BányászDesign, fabrication and characterization of integrated optical elements and circuits for telecommunication and optical biosensors using ion beam techniques2017-05-31BME
István BerkesStatistical Analysis of Nonlinear Time Series in Economy and Finance2017-05-31BME
Marianna BollaMixed Graphical Models2017-05-31BME
Gábor DomokosThe morphology of convex solids2017-05-31BME
Miklós FerencziInvestigations in Algebraic Logic2017-05-31BME
Attila HirnContaminations and selectivity of silicon detector charged particle detectors for space weather and space dosimetry measurements2017-05-31BME
Gábor IvanyosAlgebraic methods in quantum information processing2017-05-31BME
Sándor KissSumsets and difference sets2017-05-31BME
Márton KormosNon-equilibrium dynamics in low dimensional quantum systems2017-05-31BME
András KornaiMathematical linguistics2017-05-31BME
Edith Alice KovácsAlgorithms for fitting cherry-tree copulas to sample data and their applications2017-05-31BME
Edith Alice KovácsApproximation of regular vine copulas by using truncated vine copulas and cherry-tree copulas2017-05-31BME
András KroóModern Aspects of Constructive Function Theory2017-05-31BME
György MolnárPedagogical, Psychological and Physiological Effects of Up-to-date Mobile ICT Tools Supported as well as Virtual and Augmented Learning Environments2017-05-31BME
Lajos MolnárTransformations on structures of matrices, operators, and functions2017-05-31BME
György MolnárThe role of digital culture among the digital generations, ergonomic, pedagogical and psychological and gamification aspects of teaching and learning supporting, content2017-05-31BME
Milán MosonyiQuantum Shannon theory2017-05-31BME
Milán MosonyiPhD in Quantum Information Theory2017-05-31BME
Attila NagyAlgebraic examinations of semigroups2017-05-31BME
Mónika PergerInterpersonal relationships in the workplace2017-05-31BME
Lajos RónyaiAlgebraic methods in computer science2017-05-31BME
Károly SimonFractal geometry2017-05-31BME
Péter Dániel SimorEmotional regulation in Nightmare Disorder2017-05-31BME
Péter Dániel SimorSleep and information processing2017-05-31BME
Jenő SzirmaiBall packings, coverings and Dirichlet-Voronoi cells in Thurston geometries2017-05-31BME
László SzunyoghMagnetic and chemical correlations in itinerant magnets2017-05-31BME
Csaba TőkeFractional quantum Hall effect in bilayer graphene2017-05-31BME
Csaba TőkeQuantum Monte Carlo simulation of systems in a magnetic field2017-05-31BME
Csaba TőkePhotoluminescence in strongly correlated electron liquids2017-05-31BME
József BíróScalable Resource Allocation Methods2017-06-26TMIT
József BíróProcessor Sharing Models for Elastic Traffic Dimensioning2017-06-26TMIT
Tibor CinklerAll-optical signal processing in nonlinear materials2017-06-26TMIT
Tibor CinklerNew optical signal processing techniques for Tbit/s transmission over all-optical networks2017-06-26TMIT
Tibor CinklerNovel transmission techniques in space-division multiplexed systems2017-06-26TMIT
Gábor RétváriPacket Routing in Modern Telecommunications2017-06-26TMIT
Balázs SonkolySoftwarization of the network architecture2017-06-26TMIT
György SzaszákDeep learning based fusion of acoustic and linguistic features for spoken document retrieval2017-06-26TMIT
Bálint Pál TóthJoint Audio-Visual-Textual Analysis and Modeling of Heterogeneous Data with Deep Learning2017-06-26TMIT
Bálint Pál TóthJoint Audio-Visual-Textual Analysis and Modeling of Heterogeneous Data with Deep Learning2017-06-26TMIT
Bálint Pál TóthKnowledge Representation and Reasoning in Deep Learning2017-06-26TMIT
Balázs RakosTowards the realization of protein-based computing circuits2017-06-26AUT
Attila BonyárDevelopment of novel scanning probe microscopy methods for the characterization of micro- and nanostructures2017-06-26ETT
Attila BonyárResearch and development of nanosensors based on localized surface plasmon resonance2017-06-26ETT
Balázs IllésInvestigating soldering technologies of microelectronic circuits by numerical simulations2017-06-26ETT
Tamás BárányMicrowave devulcanization of rubbers2017-10-19PT
Kolos MolnárDevelopment of high throughput electrospinning method for nanofiber webs, yarns and their composites2017-10-19PT
Gábor SzebényiEvaluation of the dynamic properties of hybrid nanocomposites2017-10-19PT
Péter Gábor SzabóThermal management of critical systems2017-06-26EET
Gabriella Eszter BöhmA monoidal category approach to crossed modules2017-05-31WFK
Balázs BenyóModel based medical diagnostic and treatment methods2017-06-26IIT
László Csurgai-HorváthInvestigation of the Satellite-Earth Propagation Channel2017-06-26HVT
Árpád Huszák3D and Free Viewpoint Video Streaming2017-06-26HIT
Miklós TelekStochastic modeling of traffic processes2017-06-26HIT
Péter KorondiEthologically inspired robot behaviour2017-10-19MOGI

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