Current thesis topic proposals of The Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Current thesis topic proposals of The Budapest University of Technology and Economics

thesis supervisor

research topic

deadline for application

location of studies (in Hungarian)
Árpád TörökAnalysis of Road Network Elements Characterized by High Accident Probability2017-05-15KUKG
Gergely KristófImprovement of urban air quality by increasing the dilution efficiency2017-05-05ÁT
Tamás BárányMicrowave devulcanization of rubbers2017-05-05PT
Marianna Halász
László Mihály Vas
Analysing and modelling the uni-, bi-, and multiaxial deformation and damage process of flexible composite sheets and their fibrous reinforcements2017-05-05PT
Gábor SzebényiEvaluation of the dynamic properties of hybrid nanocomposites2017-05-05PT
Tamás CsoknyaiEnergy assessment of the residential building stock in Turkey2017-05-05EPGET
Miklós KassaiEnergetic investigation of energy recovery technologies in air handling units2017-05-05EPGET
Gabriella Eszter BöhmA monoidal category approach to crossed modules2017-05-31WFK
Tamás LovasTerrestrial laser scanning in engieering survey2017-05-31BMEFT
Tamás FülöpSolar energy storage via phase change materials2017-05-05EGR
Gyula GrófHeat transfer intensifying techniques2017-05-05EGR
Ferenc LezsovitsA Numerical And Experimental Investigation To Enhancement Heat Exchange Systems Using Nanofluids in Boilers2017-05-05EGR
Pál SzentannaiChallenging renewable solid fuels and fuel mixes for Fluidized Bed Conversion2017-05-05EGR
Pál SzentannaiSolar – biomass hybrid power generation2017-05-05EGR
Krisztián SztankóUtilization of renewable liquid fuels in steady operating burners2017-05-05EGR
Tamás Tettamanti
Balázs Kulcsár
Modeling and control of road traffic considering autonomous public transportation2017-05-03KJIT
Tamás TettamantiMulti-level modeling approach for urban road traffic network and related traffic control issues2017-05-03KJIT
István VargaAnalysis of the impact of autonomous road vehicles considering both traffic engineering and control engineering aspects2017-05-03KJIT
Marianna BollaMixed Graphical Models2017-05-31BME
Gábor DomokosThe morphology of convex solids2017-05-31BME
Miklós FerencziInvestigations in Algebraic Logic2017-05-31BME
Gábor IvanyosAlgebraic methods in quantum information processing2017-05-31BME
Sándor KissSumsets and difference sets2017-05-31BME
András KornaiMathematical linguistics2017-05-31BME
András KroóModern Aspects of Constructive Function Theory2017-05-31BME
Lajos MolnárTransformations on structures of matrices, operators, and functions2017-05-31BME
Attila NagyAlgebraic examinations of semigroups2017-05-31BME
Lajos RónyaiAlgebraic methods in computer science2017-05-31BME
Károly SimonFractal geometry2017-05-31BME
Jenő SzirmaiBall packings, coverings and Dirichlet-Voronoi cells in Thurston geometries2017-05-31BME
Péter KorondiEthologically inspired robot behaviour2017-05-05MOGI
György KárolyiDiscrete mechanical modeling of filamentary networks2017-05-31BMETM

2017. I. 31.
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