Csendes Tibor
New versions of the PageRank algorithm for weighted graphs and their application


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témavezető: Csendes Tibor
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A kutatási téma leírása:

The main task is to study those versions of the well known PageRank algorithm and its variants that are capable to utilize the weighted graphs. The planned research would describe the limitation of the applicability the quality of the results for applications where quality is to be determined in a sense for systems that are modelled by graphs. The size of the solvable problems is to be determined together with the set of possible counter examples (on which fals results can be obtained), and with the complexity.

The aimed application fileds are scientometrics and the qualification of wine testers. Both cases can well be described by direted and/or weighted graphs. The established present qualification techniques are in part disputed and stemming from a subjective procedure. The methodology to be developed will be published also in the scientific periodicals of these application fields.


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Research topic for foreign applicants.

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