Rákosi György
Argument structure phenomena


Intézmény: Debreceni Egyetem
Nyelvtudományok Doktori Iskola

témavezető: Rákosi György
helyszín: DE, Debrecen, Egyetem tér 1., Főép. 115. "oktatói szoba"
helyszín rövidítés: DEBTK

A kutatási téma leírása:

This research targets the nature of argument structure in general and various argument structure phenomena in English, Hungarian and other languages. The central focus is on the grammatical coding of unaccusativity, unergativity and transitivity; and special attention is paid to non-canonical argument structures and their grammar (such as experiencer predicates or resultatives). One question that has remained relatively controversial in research on argument structure concerns the precise characterisation of the scope of such inquiries. If we agree that argument structure is an independent and legitimate level of representation, then where are we to draw its boundaries? Shall we include what are sometimes called optional arguments or participant phrases, such as instruments, comitatives, benefactives, and the like? This research also aims at investigating the grammar of these expressions and the challenges they pose for linguistic theory.

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Jelentkezési határidő: 2016-11-15

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