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Personal data
Katalin Zsuga
name Katalin Zsuga
year of birth 1951
name of institution
doctoral school
DE Pál Juhász-Nagy Doctoral School of Biology and Environmental Sciences (Academic staff member)
ELTE Doctoral School of Biology (Academic staff member)
SzIE Doctoral School of Biology Sciences (Supervisor)
the share of work in the different doctoral schools. DE Pál Juhász-Nagy Doctoral School of Biology and Environmental Sciences 40%
ELTE Doctoral School of Biology 10%
SzIE Doctoral School of Biology Sciences 50%
accreditation statement submitted to: University of Debrecen
Contact details
E-mail address zsuga.katalingmail.com
phone number +36 30 241-3090
own web page
Academic title
scientific degree, title Ph.D.
year degree was obtained 1999
discipline to which degree belongs biology
institution granting the degree Debreceni Egyetem (to be translated)
2008 - nyugdíjas (research institute, not university)
other (not specified) (nem nevesített)
2005 - VITUKI Kht (research institute, not university)
other (not specified) (tud. főmunkatárs)
Thesis topic supervisor
number of doctoral students supervised until now 2.5
number of students who fulfilled course requirements 2
students who obtained their degrees:
Gergely Mészáros PhD 2015  DSBS
(50%) Adrienn Tóth PhD 2014  PJDSBES
(50%) Csaba Vadadi-Fülöp PhD 2011  DSB-ELTE
(50%) Attila Szabó PhD 2008  

present PhD students:
(50%) Judit Csaba (PhD) (2017/08)  DSBS
  Thesis topic proposals
research area Research of rivers, lakes, biomonitoring, evaluation of ecological state, qualification of surface waters, practical application of the EU Water Framework Directive, research of zooplankton community
research field in which current research is conducted biology
environmental sciences

Tóth A, Horváth Zs, Vad CsF, Zsuga K, Nagy SA, Boros E: Zooplankton of the European soda pans: Fauna and conservation of a unique habitat type, INTERNATIONAL REVIEW OF HYDROBIOLOGY 99: (3) pp. 255-276.
type of document: Journal paper/Article
impact factor: 1.013*
language: English

Horváth Zs, Vad Cs F, Tóth A, Zsuga K, Boros E, Vörös L, Ptacnik R: Opposing patterns of zooplankton diversity and functioning along a natural stress gradient: When the going gets tough, the tough get going, OIKOS 123: (4) pp. 461-471.
type of document: Journal paper/Article
impact factor: 3.559*
number of independent citations: 2
language: English

Horváth Zs, Zsuga K, Tóth A, Vad CsF: Zooplankton (Rotifera, Copepoda, Cladocera), In: Szerk.: Boros Emil, Szerk.: Ecsedi Zoltán, Szerk.: Oláh János Ecology and management of soda pans in the Carpatian Basin. Balmazújváros: Hortobágy Természetvédelmi Közalapítvány, 2013. pp. 105-109.
type of document: Part of book/Szaktanulmány (to be translated)
language: English

Mészáros G, Tajthy D, Vadadi-Fülöp Cs, Jablonszky Gy, Hufnagel L, Zsuga K: Composition of zooplankton assemblages along the Zagyva River, APPLIED ECOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH 10: (3) pp. 291-302.
type of document: Journal paper/Article
impact factor: 0.586
number of independent citations: 1
language: English
Full text 

Zsuga Katalin, Pekli József: Zooplankton tanulmányok a Bodrog vízgyűjtőjén, HIDROLÓGIAI KÖZLÖNY 91: (6) pp. 116-118.
type of document: Journal paper/Article
language: Hungarian

Vadadi-Fülöp Cs, Hufnagel L, Zsuga K: Effect of sampling effort and sampling frequency on the composition of the planktonic crustacean assemblage: a case study of the river Danube, ENVIRONMENTAL MONITORING AND ASSESSMENT 163: (1-4) pp. 125-138.
type of document: Journal paper/Article
impact factor: 1.436
number of independent citations: 7
language: English

Tóth A, Zsuga K, Lőrinc T, Nagy S A: Species diversity of planctonic and epyphytic Rotifers int he Hordódi-Backwater (2005-2006)., VERHANDLUNGEN DER INTERNATIONALE VEREINIGUNG FÜR THEORETISCHE UND ANGEWANDTE LIMNOLOGIE 30: (10) pp. 1496-1498.
type of document: Journal paper/Article
language: English

Katalin Zsuga, Pekli József: Zooplankton community of the Hungarian area of the Bodrogköz., THAISZIA: JOURNAL OF BOTANY (KOSICE) 19: (supp. 1) pp. 347-360.
type of document: Journal paper/Article
language: English

Vadadi-Fülöp Cs, Levente Hufnagel, György Jablonszky, Katalin Zsuga: Crustacean plankton abundance in the Danube River and in its side arms in Hungary, BIOLOGIA (BRATISLAVA) 64: (6) pp. 1184-1195.
type of document: Journal paper/Article
impact factor: 0.617
number of independent citations: 4
language: English
Full text 

Zsuga K: Spatial heterogeneity and mosaic-like structure of zooplankton in Kiskore reservoir, INTERNATIONAL REVIEW OF HYDROBIOLOGY 83: (Spec. iss.) pp. 199-202.
type of document: Journal paper/Article
impact factor: 0.753
number of independent citations: 5
language: English
Number of independent citations to these publications:19 
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number of scientific publications that meet accreditation criteria:
number of scientific publications:
monographs and professional books:
monographs/books in which chapters/sections were contributed:
art/engineering creative works:
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