Personal data sheet
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personal data approved: 2017. IV. 12.
Personal data
name György Czél
year of birth 1962
name of institution
doctoral school
ME Antal Kerpely Doctoral School of Materials Science and Technology (Announcer of research topic)
accreditation statement submitted to: University of Miskolc
Contact details
E-mail address femczeluni-miskolc.hu
phone number +36 46 565-111/1166
Academic title
scientific degree, title Ph.D.
year degree was obtained 1998
discipline to which degree belongs material sciences
institution granting the degree Miskolci Egyetem (to be translated)
1987 - Miskolci Egyetem (research institute, not university)
1987 - University of Miskolc
university professor or researcher
Thesis topic supervisor
number of doctoral students supervised until now 3
number of students who fulfilled course requirements 1.5
students who obtained their degrees:
(50%) Gabriella Zsoldos PhD 2013  AKDSMST
Péter Kaáli PhD 2011  AKDSMST

completed course requirement, without degree or degree granting in process:
Imre Kállai (PhD) 2013/01  AKDSMST
  Thesis topic proposals
research area Biopolymer science and biomaterials testing, polymer processing and technology development
research field in which current research is conducted material sciences

Gyorgy Czel, Mate Zattler: Set Point Based Material Selection Method in Case of Recycled Polypropylene Application, MATERIALS SCIENCE FORUM 885: pp. 257-262.
type of document: Journal paper/Article
language: English

Czel Gyorgy, Tomolya Kinga, Sveda Maria, Sycheva Anna, Kristaly Ferenc, Roosz Andras, Janovszky Dora: Synthesis and characterization of Zr-based in situ crystal precipitated and liquid phase separated bulk metallic glass composite, JOURNAL OF NON-CRYSTALLINE SOLIDS 458: pp. 41-51.
type of document: Journal paper/Article
language: English

Szőlősi Ákos, Tóth Gergely, Dugár Tamás, Graj Márton, Zattler Máté, Czél György: Alakhiba korrekciója a fröccsöntés technológiai szimulációjával, POLIMEREK 2: (12) pp. 366-370.
type of document: Journal paper/Article
language: Hungarian

Czél György, Zattler Máté: Újrahasznosított extrúziós anyagok használata fröccsüzemben, POLIMEREK 1: (3) pp. 89-93.
type of document: Journal paper/Article
language: Hungarian

Kaali P, Czél G: Degradation behaviour of zeolite filled polyurethanes under in vitro aging process, In: Szerk.: Berecz T, Szerk.: Májlinger K, Szerk.: Orbulov IN, Szerk.: Szabó PJ Materials Science, Testing and Informatics VII: Selected, peer reviewed papers from the 9th Hungarian Conference on Materials Science. October 13-15, 2013, Balatonkenese, Hungary. Zürich: Trans Tech Publications, 2015. pp. 83-88. (Materials Science Forum; 812.)
type of document: Part of book/Proceedings Paper
language: English

Péter Kaali, György Czél: Single, binary and ternary ion exchanged zeolite as an effective bioactive filler for biomedical polymer composites, MATERIALS SCIENCE FORUM 729: pp. 234-239.
type of document: Journal paper/Article
number of independent citations: 4
language: English

P Kaali, M M Pérez-Madrigal, E Strömberg and R E Aune, Gy Czél, S Karlsson: The influence of Ag+, Zn2+ and Cu2+ exchanged zeolite on antimicrobial and long term in vitro stability of medical grade polyether polyurethane, EXPRESS POLYMER LETTERS 5: (12) pp. 1028-1040.
type of document: Journal paper/Article
number of independent citations: 29
language: English

Kaali P, Strömberg E, Aune R E, Czél G, Momcilovic D, Karlsson S: Antimicrobial properties of Ag+ loaded zeolite polyester polyurethane and silicone rubber and long-term properties after exposure to in-vitro ageing, POLYMER DEGRADATION AND STABILITY 95: (9) pp. 1456-1465.
type of document: Journal paper/Article
number of independent citations: 34
language: English

Kaali P, Momcilovic D, Markström A, Aune R, Cze G, Karlsson S: Degradation of biomedical polydimethylsiloxanes during exposure to in vivo biofilm environment monitored by FE-SEM, ATR-FTIR, and MALDI-TOF MS, JOURNAL OF APPLIED POLYMER SCIENCE 115: (2) pp. 802-810.
type of document: Journal paper/Article
number of independent citations: 12
language: English

Czél György, Fancsali József, Marossy Kálmán, Lévay András: Coextrusion centrifugal fiberizing apparatus, Lajstromszám: EP2071063 Benyújtás helye: Magyarország
type of document: Patent/Europian patent
number of independent citations: 1
language: English
Number of independent citations to these publications:80 
Scientometric data
list of publications and citations
number of scientific publications that meet accreditation criteria:
number of scientific publications:
monographs and professional books:
monographs/books in which chapters/sections were contributed:
number of independent citations to scientific publications and creative works:
further relevant information regarding accreditation (in Hungarian)
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