Overview of Supervisors and PhD students of the Doctoral School of Architecture
Sums of numbers given by supervisors, or defences found in the data base. Supervisors: people marked as such for the DS, or a PhD student of them is marked as belonging to the DS.
Overview of Supervisors and PhD students of the Doctoral School of Architecture


number of active PhD students
in DS/altogether

number of all PhD students until now

phD students who completed course requirement

supervisions which led to a degree
in DS/altogether

phD students with thesis degree in the data base
in DS/altogether
Mihály Balázs3/317115/53/3
József Kerényi0/0763/4.50/0.5
Ferenc Cságoly1/1954/41/1
Tamás Karácsony3/3954/43/3
Sándor Pálfy3/31183/32/2
Antal Lázár1/1772/20/0
Balázs Balogh0/11032/22/2
Tamás Perényi3/3742/22/2
János Roth1/1321.5/1.51/1
György Radványi1/1731/11/1
László Vincze1/1311/10/0
Péter Sugár3/3201/11/1
Levente Szabó4/4400/00/0
György Major3/3400/00/0
György Alföldi2/2200/00/0
Péter Fejérdy3/3300/00/0
Sándor Makrai0/0000/00/0
György Hild1/2310/00/0
Péter Klobusovszki3/3300/00/0
Csaba Molnár0/0210/00/0
Árpád Szabó2/2200/00/0
Tamás Niczki0/0000/00/0
József Kolossa1/1100/00/0
Bálint Marosi2/2200/00/0
János Dobai3/3420/00/0

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