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Current thesis topic proposals of University of Szeged, Graduate School of Chemistry

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Tünde Alapi
Krisztina Schrantz
Detection and environmental remediation of persistent organic compounds and their metabolites2017-05-15SZAKT
Róbert BerkeczDevelopment of new lipidomic and metabolomic approaches2017-05-15OVI
András BerkóPhotoelectronspectrocopic and STM analysis of low dimensional nanostructures2017-05-15AKKT
Ferenc BogárComputational simulation of peptide and protein structures2017-05-15OVI
Gábor CzakóTheoretical investigation of the reaction dynamics in the SN2 reaction2017-05-15FKAT
Éva Anna EnyedyBiospeciation of metal complexes with anti-cancer activity2017-05-15SZAKT
Éva FrankSynthesis and structural characterization of new bioactive steroids2017-05-15SzKT
Tamás GajdaMetal binding properties of multihistidine containing peptides2017-05-15SZAKT
Gábor GalbácsDevelopments in analytical spectroscopy2017-05-15SZAKT
Béla GyurcsikArtificial proteins based on metal-peptide complexes for biotechnology2017-05-15SZAKT
Klára HernádiModification of carbon nanotube surfaces via formation of inorganic composites2017-05-15AKKT
Klára HernádiCVD synthesis of carbon nanotubes2017-05-15AKKT
Dezső HorváthInvestigation of fluid dynamics in reactive media2017-05-15FKAT
István IliszDevelopment of separation methods for the analysis of chiral and achiral compounds2017-05-15SzKT
Tamás JakuschThe effect of metal-complex formation on amyloid aggregation and its implications in Alzheimer's disease2017-05-15SZAKT
Csaba JanákyPhotoelectrochemistry by design: materials aspects of solar fuel generation2017-05-15FKAT
Tamás JanákyDevelopment of chromatographic and mass spectrometric methods for proteomics2017-05-15OVI
Tamás JanákyDevelopment of chromatographic and mass spectrometric methods for metabolomics2017-05-15OVI
Attila JancsóWhat can be learned from metal-regulating proteins: design of new systems for toxic metal bioaccumulation2017-05-15SZAKT
Zoltán KónyaNanostructures in catalysis2017-05-15AKKT
Ákos KukoveczSynthesis and sensor application of nanocarbon thin films2017-05-15AKKT
István PálinkóChemistry of layered materials. Synthesis, ex situ, and in situ characterization.2017-05-15SZKT
István PálinkóCharacterization of self-assembled systems2017-05-15SZKT
István PálinkóDevelopment of bioinspired catalytic systems2017-05-15SZKT
Gábor ParagiComputational modeling of the physical-chemical properties of small molecules2017-05-15OVI
Pál SiposComplex equilibria in hyperalcaline (pH > 13) solutions2017-05-15SZAKT
Csaba TömbölyExamination of lipidated interleukins as targeted cell membrane deliverble compounds2017-05-15SZBK
Ágota TóthDiffusion and convection driven self-assembly2017-05-15FKAT
Gábor TóthSynthesis of modified peptides2017-05-15OVI
János WölflingSynthesis of heterocyclic steroids2017-05-15SZKT

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